Boasting low maintenance and great durability, the industrial polished concrete floors from Solid Resurfacing Solutions are the perfect way to prevent all kinds of normal wear and tear. Not only will they be able to increase your floor’s lifespan, but our affordable prices will also give you the relief you need should you require a large space covered. Easy to clean and maintain, our polished concrete will provide a professional appearance and ensure your business is never compromised.

Since we first opened our doors to the public, Solid Resurfacing Solutions has been able to help both businesses and locals with the polished concrete floors their Melbourne home or office space needs. Our experienced and professionally trained team have been able to install and repair a number of different polished concrete solutions for clients all over the state, ensuring high quality products and fantastic customer service is provided throughout.

Polished Concrete Floors For Businesses Both Big And Small

No matter how big or small your operation may be, our polished concrete floors are the perfect way to make your work safer for all your employees. As a solution that is often used in manufacturing and industrial environments, polished concrete floors are fantastic due to their adaptable nature when it comes to changes in climate and spaces with high foot or car traffic.

As a smooth, flat surface, our polished concrete floors will help Melbourne businesses reduce the amount of marks and cracks that normal concrete floors will face over their lifetime. Equally strong and attractive, our polished concrete solutions are perfect for spaces that are more susceptible to heavy duty wear and tear over time. From shop floors to warehouses to garages, these concrete floors will ensure Melbourne businesses have nothing to worry about when it comes to needing replacement in the future. Here at Solid Resurfacing Solutions, we ensure our industrial polished concrete meets and exceeds Australian standards to ensure health and safety.

We guarantee that our polished concrete floors in Melbourne resist all weather conditions, as well as oil, water, chemicals, and other spills. This incredibly strong and dense material doesn’t absorb moisture while allowing the concrete to breathe, preventing potential issues.


High Quality And Durable Concrete Floors In Melbourne

Solid Resurfacing Solutions are the experts you can rely on to deliver the quality concrete floors your Melbourne business needs today. With resistance against all kinds of denting, cracking, and chipping, we know you won’t be disappointed in your brand new floors!

For businesses in heavy industrial environments, our team will be able to take your old, damaged concrete substrate and turn it into a durable and high quality flooring solution that will look and feel great once more. Whether you’re looking to repair or completely replace your concrete floors, local Melbourne businesses can trust our team will be able to deliver all their expectations.

The Installation And Repair Experts For Polished Concrete Floors In Melbourne

When it comes to the seams and joints between your concrete slabs, our team will be able to fill those in with joint filler to create a smooth surface and transition between all your slabs. We will also use a low VOC seal, which is more environmentally friendly. If your joints are cracked or compromised, our experts will be able to fully rebuild those joints. When it comes to any blemishes and imperfections along your concrete slab, we follow step-by-step processes to remove any signs of these issues. We will start by grinding down the top layer of concrete before using chemicals to harden the surface, making it durable and stain-resistant once more.

Whether you’re looking for concrete polished floors, epoxy flooring, grind and seal techniques, or concrete repairs, we can cover a variety of different flooring needs from start to finish. For more information on our polished concrete floors and services in Melbourne, please get in touch with the team here at Solid Resurfacing Solutions or enquire online today for a quote.

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